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Oct 15, 2021

If you are looking to invest and grow your money, there are a lot of different alternative income streams that you can try: Interest income, dividend income, rental income, and capital gains to name a few. But are these income streams worth your money, time, and effort?

Gary welcomes author, investor, and serial entrepreneur Denis Shapiro to talk about his experiences with alternative investments, real estate, and income-producing assets. They also discuss Denis’ new book, The Alternative Investment Almanac, and his reason for writing his book. Gary and Denis also explored using whole life insurance to achieve wealth and fund the other investments.


  • I see a lot of great things coming. - 1:55
  • How can Gary help on a more national level in pushing patriotism across America? - 4:57
  • How did Denis get caught up in the alternative investment, real estate, and income-producing assets? - 7:18
  • Investing in his education: I can’t get a job, might as well go get more education. - 9:28
  • The biggest moment. - 10:59
  • Life-changing moment: Attending a crazy event and meeting a person he never met. - 14:20
  • Denis’ vision: The vanguard of alternative investments. - 17:26
  • Investing in high-value cash life insurance. - 21:28
  • Teaser: What are the topics for the next episode? - 24:16

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